Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nobody gets this much love, except of course for
Sal "The Big Ragu" Fasano.
This article was published in The NY Daily News on May 28

Who wants to be an MVP?
Phillies role player has one thing A-Rod doesn't: Respect
Sal Fasano (above) has been able to connect with Philly fans, a task that has so far eluded A-Rod (below).
-->Sal Fasano was drafted in the 37th round in 1993 out of the University of Evansville, a school better known for once having sleeves on its basketball jerseys than for cranking out baseball talent like 1993 All-Star Andy Benes and Rockies infielder Jamey Carroll.
Fasano, the Phillies' catcher, is on his sixth major league team since debuting with the Royals in 1996. He's never had more than 216 at-bats in a season.
Just one time in his career has Fasano ranked in the top 10 in any category - he was second in the American League when he was hit by a pitch 16 times in 1998.
But with regular backstop Mike Lieberthal on the disabled list with a slight fracture in his left knee, the 34-year-old Fasano is getting a chance to play regularly for a contender. And in a city where sports Web site "The 700 Level" bills itself as "Booing since 1776," the fans are having a most unlikely love affair with a career .223 hitter.
"The fans in Philadelphia are very loyal to their players," Fasano says. "They're very passionate. That's why they have so many boos, that's why they have so many cheers. If you're well-liked there, heck, to me, that feels greater than anything else, it's almost an honor...I guess they recognize guys who bust their tail."
The first thing they recognized, though, was the mustache.
"When we saw his appearance in spring training, my friends Joe (Wickersham) and Brett (Casne) immediately thought of the idea for 'Sal's Pals,' then Brett and I went to work on the sign," says Tom Dudzic, one of the charter members of the Philadelphia fan group that attends games with painted-on Fu Manchus in honor of their new hero.
Sal's Pals formed for the mustache, but stay loyal because Fasano has proven himself worthy of their adulation.
"It is kinda fun when it's not the most talented player on the field you are cheering for," Dudzic says. "Not to mention if we had a fan group for a regular player, that would be kind of expensive to make every game. Sal is Philadelphia and that is why it's easy to cheer for him."
While there have been several other player-specific fan groups in Philadelphia, most notably the Wolf Pack for Randy Wolf, Fasano has a special bond with Sal's Pals. He's sent free pizza to their section, had T-shirts made up and even got the group tickets to the Phillies' sold-out game against the Red Sox.
"People show that they care about me, so I try to show that I care about them as well," Fasano says.
Fasano is a self-described "throwback" who says of himself, "you can't be the most talented guy in the league and you can't have the best ability, but you can try the hardest, and there's something to be said for that."
That seems even more true in light of Alex Rodriguez's spiel on Tuesday, when he said after hitting a three-run homer in the Yankees' win at Fenway Park, "I've done a lot of special things in this game. For none of that to be considered clutch is an injustice."
Of course, A-Rod can't win for trying. When he criticizes himself, he's painted as a phony. When he sticks up for himself, he comes off as egotistical. If he ever sent 20 pizzas to fans in the stands, people would ask why he didn't send more, or bash it as a way to make himself look better.
Rodriguez is a lot like "Titanic" - the movie, that is - a big-budget award winner with millions of supporters, but seemingly just as many detractors. Fasano's Philadelphia story would be more like "Office Space," a cult hit that nobody could have expected - not to mention his striking resemblance to Diedrich Bader's character in that film.
"Fans can relate to a guy who looks like your local bartender much more than a guy who appears on the cover of GQ," says Enrico Campitelli of The 700 Level. "I think salary is also a factor. When a player makes A-Rod money, fans can't relate to that world. Sal signed with the Phillies as a cheap role player and A-Rod was dealt to the Yankees as the most expensive hired gun in all of sports. There was no way he could ever live up to his paycheck."
"The expectations that he has doesn't even compare to what I have," Fasano says. "I make just above the minimum. He makes a quarter of a billion dollars. What are you getting for your money? You're getting a guy who should be the best in baseball, and he is. I'm really just a backup. I believe I can play every day, but I could never put up A-Rod numbers."
What Fasano can do, though, and what he has done, in making a connection with the fans of his city, is something that A-Rod might give up millions to be able to do. Originally published on May 28, 2006
Beanie Baby
A-Rod caught enjoying Fernando Rodney's Chin music.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Big in the Community

Notorious booze-hound,
Sidney Ponson denies claims that he has a gigantic beer belly.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

You using the whole fist there Doc?
Boomer gets thoroughly checked out by his evil twin brother after ricocheting a ball off his newly rehabbed knee.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Open up and say, aahh.
Now please cough for me.
Mo' Willy Mo

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yankees Pitching coach Ron Guidry at the Beach
El Duque to the Mets
El Duque could be the final piece the Mets need to runaway and not look back. His post season experience will be invaluable.

Sal Watch '06 Update

Sal "the Good Samaritan" Fasano helps Juan Castro up after being beaned.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Somebody fill this thing with cement or what?

Monday, May 22, 2006

David "This is my Boomstick" Wells
getting his joint loose before a start for Pawtucket AAA

Sal "Sitting Bull" Fasano
blocking home plate from JJ Hardy of the Brewcrew.
Hardy was put on the 15 day dl after slamming into sitting bull.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Currently Playing the role of Sweetest Dude ever. The Brewcrew's Derrick Turnbow.

Here's Turnbow cashed after a game.

Aaron Rowan

"I love your Johnny Cakes."

Bitter Beer Face

Monday, May 15, 2006

Blower's Cramp
I knew the Royals sucked but this is just silly.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Wrong" Pierre

Cubs leadoff man Juan Pierre is a career .302 hitter, however he has been terrible so far.
Pierre is hitting .167 this week.
He freakin' stinks, it is hard to steal bags when you can't get on base.

The Cubs are playing like they have thrown in the towel already.
Hopefully once Wood comes back this week they will regain some swagger back in their pimp limp.

Leiber, almost perfect.
Here's what Sizzlin' Sal Fasano had to say about the possibility of catching a perfect game.

But the Phillies obviously wanted to see Lieber throw a perfect game or a no-hitter.
None more than catcher Sal Fasano.
"He said the other day that if he caught a no-hitter, he wants a car, at least," Rollins said.
"That's right," Fasano said. "I forgot about that. I said if I'm a catcher and I call a no-hitter, I want a car."
So, what car?
"I'd let Jimmy pick it out," Fasano said. "He's got better taste than me... . But I'd take a '72 Caddy, powder blue with a white ivory interior."
Not too shabby.
Neither was Lieber.
"Everything was pretty good," Fasano said. "When you can throw a two-seamer, four-seamer and a slider and you can throw them to both sides of the plate, it's tough to beat."
The Phillies need Lieber to pitch like that more often. He is 3-0 with a 3.32 ERA in his last three starts. Phillies starters also have a 3.32 ERA in their last 13 starts. If they continue to pitch like that, it could be a fun summer.

Friday, May 12, 2006

What you didn't know about our pal, Sal Fasano

Sal was born in Italy

Sal is a recovering alcoholic who still drinks socially

Sal thinks Ram Jam is a sexual position

Sal has played for 7 pro ball teams since being drafted by the Royals

Worst Yankees team in the last Decade.
You betta believe it!

The Yankees roster is really is starting to make me physically ill.
I'm one of the biggest Yank's fans I know and right now I hate them.

Old, Washed-up, and stupid is no way to go thru life, my man.

The Old-Bernie Williams, my dog's namesake has gray hair, can't hit, can't throw anymore, and now that Matsui is out for the year he might be their only hope.

The Washed Up-Hmmm. Where do I start? Carl Pavano, WTF. Jaret Wright, Basketcase. Randy Johnson, self-loathing closet homo.

The Stupid-Johnny Damon, what a fucking waste of money. Motherfucker throws like an old woman. Melky Cabrera, try using your glove, not yer skull to catch a routine flyball.
Shawn Chacon, somebody kill me.

The only thing I have liked about the Yankees this week was seeing a little bit of this guy.
Submarine Magic Mike Myers
(Sorry, couldn't find a good shot in a yanks uni)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fasano Watch 2006
Lieberthal on the DL, Big Sal gets some.

The "Big Unit" has lost his rhythm!
Randy Johnson couldn't hold down a beat last night vs. the Red Sox.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pedro in the Garden.

But where is his garden gnome?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Wade Boggs took a stand against baldness!

I don't know whats worse a man who would rather wear transplanted ass hair on his head or a man who wanted to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame wearing a Devil Rays cap.

"The Schmitter"
A Mythical Beast of a Sangwich

Philly ballpark delicacy
"I said lay down a bunt, not lay down".

Smoltzy really grooves this bunt off
Jose Lima-time

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Screw GQ this is one stylish Dude.

Mickey Morandini was definately one of those Craig Counsell-type players, scrappy yet hard not to laugh at just lookin' at him.

Modest Mickey had some good legs on him.
123 lifetime stolen bases.
He was even an All-Star one year in '95.

I proclaim May 6 Mickey Morandini appreciation day.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Flash" Gordon is kicking Mo Rivera's ass.

Former Yank set up man Tom "Flash" Gordon is killing Mariano in the saves department. He ain't no spring chicken either, he's 38. Hell, I remember getting his rookie card in 6th grade.

Flash: 9 SV's, 21 K's, 0.66 ERA
MO: 5 SV's, 8 K's, 3.38ERA
Bonds injured by foul ball.
Head swells up another hat size.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Which of these morons was the bigger "idiot"?

Kevin Millar
Downside-coined the phrase "cowboy up". Utterly annoying addition to the lexicon.
Upside: fu-manchu 'stache

Johnny Damon
Downside-All chicks dug him. Throws like a girl.
Upside-Left the Bosox for the Yankees.

Manny Ramirez
Downside-Truly is an idiot. Just Manny being Manny.
Upside-RBI machine

The A's overpaid catcher Jason Kendall and the Angel's droopy pitcher John Lackey exchange affections and phone #'s on the pitcher's mound.

First good benchclearer of the season! Oh yeah!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This guy is the best starting pitcher in baseball so far.

I wish someone would braid my hair.

Monday, May 01, 2006

"Torre relieved Wang feels fine "

Great headline

Steve Trachsel gives his best Mr. Magoo face.

Jason La Rue shows off his impressive air-humping skills.