Saturday, April 29, 2006

Father to Son,

"Josh you gotta let your soul glo and your moustache grow!"

Jesse Barfield was better known for his canon of an arm in outfield, but in several seasons he put up some serious power numbers.
In 1986 ol' Jesse hit 40 dongeroos and drove in 108 riblets.

'stache soaking flavor!

Pedro, dentureless!

Classic Dude of the Week !

Keith Hernandez

What does Keith spy in the dug out?

A mound of cocaine?

Kevin Mitchell playing cards?

"What the? That's a chick in dugout. With the long hair, thats a chick."

Certainly the best broadcast moment since Joe Namath.
"I wanna kiss you"

Friday, April 28, 2006

Nick"the stick" Johnson (entendre?)

This former Bronx Bomber showed up this year with a fine follicular feature on his lip.

The Stickman is off to a fine start leading the Nationals in most hitting categories.

Johnson so far is batting .372 with 5 dongers, 11 RBI's, 20 Runs, and 2 stolen bags. Whew!

The Yanks should have kept him around. You never know when the Giambino will have another pituitary problem.

Sal's Pals

Sal Fasano was my favorite Columbus Clipper a few years back. A pretty gritty catcher who came to plate to the rocking "Black Betty" by Ram Jam.

I had since forgotten about him until one of my sources in Philly told me he was in the show playing for the Phillies. Big Sal has had a bit of makeover in the form of a trucker 'stache and mullet since leaving Cowtown. Sal now has a rabid Philly Fan(Sal's Pals) following although he only catches for Jon Leiber.

"The Cup Runneth Over"

I sat out one of my young fantasy baseball studs because of a reported nagging groin pain. It turns out Astros Pitcher Wandy Rodriguez's groin pain was due to Wandy's "junk" not quite all fitting in his cup. Ouch! Maybe they should call Wandy "The Big Unit".

So on Tuesdays start Wandy went sans cup.

"Steady" Eddie Murray

This smooth operatin' switch hitter was known as much for his cat-like precision from both sides of the plate as he was for his well-groomed afro-puff that went ka-pow! out of his hat. He aslo had a mastery of the pointy sideburns straight to moustache look, that is no easy feat.

Here are some of Eddie's non-follicular achievements

8-time All-Star (1978, 1981-86, 1991)
American League Rookie of the Year (1977)
American League Gold Glove Award winner (1982, 1983, 1984)
Finished second in American League MVP voting (1982, 1983)
Finished fourth in American League MVP voting (1984)
Finished fifth in American League MVP voting (1985)
Finished fifth in National League MVP voting (1990)
Finished 6th in American League MVP voting (1980)
Finished 8th in American League MVP voting (1978)
504 career home runs (19th all-time) and 1917 RBIs (8th all-time)
Holds the career record for most sacrifice flies (128)
His season high for home runs, 33, is the lowest of any player with over 500 career home runs
One of only four players to have both 3,000 career hits and 500 home runs (others are Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Rafael Palmeiro)
Number (33) retired by the Orioles in 1998.
Hit 19 grand slams (second all-time, behind Lou Gehrig's 23)
In 1999, he ranked Number 77 on The Sporting News' list of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players, and was nominated as a finalist for the Major League Baseball All-Century Team.
Named the fifth best first baseman in Major League history in the New Bill James Historical Abstract.
Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame (2003)

Donnie Baseball
AKA The Hitman
Mattingly is the archetype Classic Motherfuckin' Baseball Dude!

#23 is the reason I luv me some baseball.

Reason #1-great moustache
Reason #2-perfect stache
Reason #3-played ball with a pair friggin' stones

Slowed by a bad back here are some of the Hitman's career totals.

Batting Avg. .307

HR 222

Hits 2,153

RBI 1,099

Click here for the "Curse of Donnie Baseball"